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Welcome to Bartley SUP
Membership Guidance Notes


Bartley SUP is part of Bartley Sailing Club based at Bartley Reservoir

Below are the Bartley SUP guidance notes, these will be talked through on your induction. Please have a read through of them before your induction and if you have any questions the instructor will be happy to answer. 

SUP Induction


We look forward to meeting you at your induction, this is where a Bartley SUP Instructor will talk you through the membership, show you around the site and answer any questions you may have. After the tour you will head on the water with the instructor to check over your skills and show you the water areas, pointing out any hazards to be aware of. 


‘Club Paddler’ Standard


To become a member, you need to be competent at Stand Up Paddle Boarding to the level of ‘Club Paddler’ – 


  • Paddle standing up in a straight line for 100 metres

  • Turn the board 360 degrees in both directions using two different techniques

  • Turn the board whilst moving

  • Increase and decrease paddle strength and rhythm over 100 metres

  • Paddle upwind, downwind and crosswind in a light breeze.

  • Prone paddle (self-rescue) & demonstrate getting back on your board from the water 


If you're not quite at the Club Paddler Standard after your induction, a training plan will be set up for you to reach the level before paddling solo. This will be discussed with you in the bar after your induction.  


We are a WSA (Water Skills Academy) accredited SUP school, with qualified instructors ranging from SUP instructors to courses trainers running courses for all abilities, workshops on a range of basic to advanced topics and personal development coaching at all levels to members and the public. 


Coaching is available to members to develop their personal paddling in a variety of different SUP disciplines as well as their general paddling.    


If you would like more details on training or development coaching please ask a member of the Bartley SUP coaching team.


On The Water Procedure


Signing On & Off- When SUP’ing at Bartley SUP you are required to “sign on” using your membership tag (by hanging it on the board at the sailing Race Box Hut overlooking the water) so support crews know who is out on the water. Once you return please make sure you “sign off” by removing your membership tag and keeping it for next time.  If you forget your Tag you will need to use a Guest Tag from within the container, DO NOT go onto the water without a tag on the board. There is a fine of £5 if you forget your tag.  Replacement Tag cost - £10.


Safety Cover- There must always be at least two stand up paddle boarders on the water, to provide each other with “non-support boat” rescue, unless there is a support boat on the water manned by the sailing duty crew and they are aware that you are on the water. It is your responsibility to properly inform the duty crew.  Paddlers should buddy up and stay within a reasonable distance of each other so that any necessary support could be provided should a paddler need assistance.


Paddle Areas- We share the water with many different watercraft and users, to maintain safety, SUP’ing is to only take place on the outside of the lake, between the buoys and the shore. Keeping in the outside area not only keeps distance between SUP’ers and other users but the weather can change quickly, being on the outside means you can paddle to sheltered parts or self-rescue easier. 


Buoyancy Aids- must always be worn whenever you pass the metal gates to the water.  If you are purchasing your own Buoyancy Aid it might be useful to ensure it has pockets to store Tags & Whistles as a minimum.


Leashes– must always be worn, at all times. You must be connected to your board by a leash whilst on the water. Your board is a source of buoyancy and easier to spot on the water. 


Whistles– need to be carried by all paddlers as a means of raising attention should they need assistance whilst on the water.


Club Rescue Duty- It is a requirement of all members to do at least 1 day's safety boat duty per year. This will involve being on hand for the day helping run and patrol the water and looking after all the water users. There is no need to have any experience as you will be there with an experienced crew to be an extra pair of hands. If you are interested in learning to drive a rescue boat, then there is an opportunity for all members to do so and achieve their Royal Yachting Association powerboat level 2 certificate. If you are interested please let me know. 


Weather Conditions & Equipment 


Planning ahead and obtaining a weather forecast beforehand is wise; weather can change when you are on the water, make sure the conditions are right for you and your ability. 



A long with your buoyancy aid, whistle and leash your personal clothing is a key part of your safety as a paddle boarder. Make sure you are dressed for the conditions forecasted for the day. If you would like any advice on personal clothing please ask a member of the Bartley SUP team. 


Before heading out on the water, make sure you double check that your equipment is safe and ready to be used.

(board correctly inflated and valve closed, buoyancy aid and leash secured, paddle height)


Opening Times


Evenings (Summer only)

Tuesday: 18:00-20:00- Leisure SUP 

Wednesday: 18:00-20:00- Leisure SUP

Thursday: 18:00-20:00- Leisure SUP


Weekends - 10:00 - 16:00 (weather dependant)

Saturday:  10:00-16:00- Leisure SUP

Sunday: 10:00-12:00- SUP CLUB - Leisure Paddling available after SUP Club


Board Hire & Fee


Board hire is available at meets and events. If you wish to hire a board please contact a member of the Bartley SUP team for the access code to the SUP container. 


Board Hire (Inc. Buoyancy Aid) £5

(This is to be posted into the letter box inside the SUP container. All funds get put back into the club to invest in new kit etc).


Club Communication 


Once you have become a member, you will be added to the Bartley SUP mailing list and Members “WhatsApp” community. 



This is where we can discuss events, trips and social meets. It’s a good place to talk SUP and ask any questions you may have regarding courses, coaching, personal gear and boards.  We would request that all members refrain from none SUP related chatter via WhatsApp and ensure that comments are respectful & dignified.  

You may remove yourself from the WhatsApp group at any time.  If you don’t have a smartphone, we will also circulate information by email, Facebook and the club website & calendar.

Bartley Sailing Club Limited & Bartley SUP take no responsibility for communications via the WhatsApp group.


SUP’ing / Socialising away from Bartley Reservoir

Club members regularly organise trips away from Bartley for other members, e.g. Racing Meets, SUP Polo, Adventure Trips & holidays ETC, details of any trips will be circulated and arranged by the communication methods above.  Bartley Sailing Club take no responsibility for the organising or running of these trips as it is the sole responsibility of the individuals who choose to participate.


Under 18’s

Anyone under the age of 18 will need to join with a responsible adult e.g. a Parent & will need to be accompanied by the responsible adult when paddling.  Coaching can only be provided to under 18’s once they are a member.  



All information collected from members is used for the sole purpose of operating the club for the benefit of members and will not be shared with anyone outside of Bartley Sailing Club.  We will ask you to refresh your data from time to time and will also retain your data for a short period after you leave the club for administrative purposes only.  Data is always kept secure.


Membership Form

Please complete the membership form to become a member if you haven't already done so before your induction date.


Membership Fee

All members £102 a year / £8.50 per month, membership year runs from 1st July - 30th June.  

Existing Sailing Club Members are able to join the SUP Club as part of their existing membership subject to necessary induction.



If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch


Bartley SUP Team

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